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Web Design Questionaire

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Contact Information:

Your Name:

Business Name:

Phone Number:

Email Address:

Business Objectives for Website:

What is the goal or purpose of your website?

What is your target audience?

Who is your competition?

When people visit this site, what will they want?

To communicate with you  
Information about your products
Directions to your business
To purchase products

Style Objectives for Website:

What image do you want the website to project?

High end

Do you have any existing marketing materials that should be followed for style?
If so, please outline.

Do you have photos in electronic format that you want to use on this site?

Yes  No

Do you need us to convert your photographs to electronic format?

Yes  No

How many SKU's do you have?

Website Copy and Content:

Do you have an written outline for your website?

Yes  No

Do you need help developing, writing, or editing the content?

Yes  No

Will you be supplying the website copy in electronic format?

Yes  No

Does your website require a shopping cart?

Yes  No

What page categories/pages do you want? "Examples: About Us, Whats New, Terms & Conditions, and Supplements, etc."
Do you want individual pop up windows or pages for each product?
Do you want a coupon code feature? Yes  No
Besides shopping cart, do you want to take orders by fax or phone call?
Do you want a "Request Information" form? Yes  No
Do you want us to submit the site to search engines and do the website optimization or will you use a third party? Yes, we would like you to submit the site to search engines.
No, we will use a third party.
What special functions will you need for your website? Mailing list signup form
Contact/ Feedback forms
Video clips
Flash animation
E Commerce shopping cart

Other (please list)
What keywords will people use to search for your site?
When would you like your website to be launched?  Month:   Day:
Other Websites  
Please list a few web sites that appeal to the same target audience or style that is similar to what you want.
Please list some of your competitor's websites, if you know of any. Let us know what you like and don't like about some of these sites.
Website Maintenance  
Does anyone at your business have basic html editing skills or skills updating shopping carts?
Do you have any html editing program such as Dreamweaver?
Will the maintenance be done by your business? Yes No
How often do you think that products and updates will need to be added?
Do you have a Merchant account and Gateway for e-commerce? If so, please let us know which company.
Do you have a budget you need to work with? If so, please let us know what it is.