Microsoft Entourage 2008 Account Setup Instructions . . .

Entourage Email Support

Here's a Step-by-Step set of instructions on how to setup your e-mail account for use with Microsoft Entourage 2008.

These instructions were written with the assumption that this is the first time that an e-mail is being added to Microsoft Entourage 2008.  If it is not, then the steps that we've outlined below might be slightly different. 

Anyway, for you first-timers, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below and enter your e-mail account information where necessary. Once complete, you will be able to utilize all of the features and benefits of Microsoft Entourage 2008. 

Step 1. Open "Microsoft Entourage 2008”.

Step 2. The "Set Up a Mail Account" window will appear. Enter your email address in the space provided. You will also need to check the little box to the left of "My account is on an Exchange Server" and click the next arrow in the bottom right corner of the window to continue.

Step 3. The "Enter Account Information" window will appear. Start by entering the domain of "ToTheNet". Next add your "Account ID" and "Password". Note...Your Account ID is the same as your username on the account. Once complete, click "OK".

Step 4. The "Automatic Configuration Succeeded" window will appear informing you that the settings were successfully determined. Click the next arrow in the bottom right corner of the window to continue.

Step 5. The "Verify and Complete Settings" window will appear. You will want to enter your name and email adderss in the fields provided. Then enter the Exchange server name of "" and the LDAP server name of "" in the spaces provided. Also, make sure to check the box titled "Use SSL for these servers". Click the next arrow in the bottom right corner of the window to continue.

Step 6. The "Optional: Verify Settings" window will appear. At this point if you are connected to the internet, you can click the "Verify My Settings" button to check the account. You will receive a message in the results field: "Please wait, this may take a few minutes...". Once the verification process is complete, you will receive another message in the results field: "Your account settings have been successfully verified". Click the next arrow in the bottom right corner of the window to continue.

Step 7. The "Setup Complete" window will appear. Type in your "Account Name", which is the display name people will see when you send email. Also, check the box titled "Add this new e-mail address to your "Me" contact". You can now click the "Finish" button.

Step 8. The "Edit Account" window will appear and you will be in the "Account Settings" area. You can review your information here to make sure everything is correct. Nothing on this window should need changed.

Step 9. At the top of the "Edit Account" window, click on the tab titled "Advanced". Enter the Public folders server of: "" and make sure the box next to "This DAV service requires a secure conntection (SSL)" is checked. Just below, you will need to enter the LDAP server of: "" if not already listed and check the box next to "This server requires me to log on". Continue by clicking "OK".

You are all done! You are ready to start utilizing Microsoft Entourage 2008 and all of it's benefits.

If you run into problems, please click here to create a trouble ticket or call us at 1.888.932.8749 today.