Well, Are People Finding Your Website?

  • Our Web Site Has Been Live For 6 Months, Why Aren't We Selling Anything?

    Well we have a solution for you! With online search being the most popular use of the internet, 2nd only to that of email, implementing an online marketing and visibility plan is a must, even for the small start up web site that sells Mom's crafts that she diligently makes on the weekends, to bring qualified buying traffic to your site.

  • Ok, Our Site Needs It! What is Search Engine Optimization?

    There are several facets of SEO, each important on their own, but in conjunction with all three facets described below, they will create an explosion of traffic directed to your site, resulting in higher net profits that grows each month.

    • Site Indexability - The code that built the web site must be able to be read by the Search Engine Spiders. The spiders are informants of your content to the search engines. Spiders are sent out by the engines to crawl the web and return the contents or items that web sites sell or offer. If the site is not designed with search engines in mind, the site will become that of a stagnant pond in the back woods, far from any human touch - in other words, the search engines will never know you or your site exist.
    • Site Architecture/Usability - How many times have you clicked into a site and within 10 seconds clicked right back out and continued searching because the site was hard to navigate? Think of site architecture and usability as the directory at your local Shopping Mall. All content and or products of the web site should be able to be found within two clicks along with its presentation and artistic layout should be screaming to you... "You found what you're looking for!" Ease of use and findability is a must and makes up the second most important stage in SEO.
    • Site Marketing - The goal of this step is to creatively advertise your site through strategic partnering and customized methods. This will, in effect, direct the buying traffic to the site from themed online communities, relevant shopping portals and the most important of all online internet marketing benefits, the organic results returned by the Search Engines.

    When the above three items are inline and a proper firm has been contracted for the SEO marketing; sites on average see an 800% increase in users or conversions depending upon the website's model for generating revenue.

  • So, what should you do next?

    It's obvious to us! Click here to request a website marketing evaluation!

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